Friday, May 09, 2008

Well, I'm enjoying the unvelievable weather we've been having in Southampton, by sitting in the dark recesses of the library, studying for the exams coming up in a few weeks. The weather is great though and really does a lot to lift my spirits. I was made for warm weather.

I've been feeling guilty that I haven't had a lot of time to look into what's happening in Burma (Myanmar) at the moment. There has been a cyclone which has killed a government estimated 25,000 people but local organisations on the ground reckon the toll could rise to over 100,000. This is absolutely huge! Just think with all the civil unrest in Burma this past year and then the massively high prices of Rice, this really couldn't have come at much of a worse time. The government is also not helping the situation by rejecting offers of foreign aid.

Please pray that the Burmese government would think of its people and would let in aid from the outside and aid workers to help organise and distribute the relief. I read a report today that only about 10% of those needing help have been reached so far by organisations already in Burma, so much more help from the outside is needed. If you're thinking of giving I'd reccommend tearfund as a good place to start, as they tend to work with local partners on the ground (

Some other news which seems to be going unnoticed by some news outlets is the current situation in Lebanon. In recent days they have witnessed the biggest civil unrest since the civil war, and gunmen from Hezzbolah have taken over parts of the capital and have silened much of the pro-government media. Please pray for peace there.

In personal news, I'm eagerly awaiting to have these end-of-year exams over with --unlike those in America, the main important medical exams here (the 'Intermediates') take place after the third year rather than the second as in the US, so these exams won't be as intesne as my american friends are going through at the moment, but still I need to pass so that I don't have to cancel my trip to Cambodia in order to take the Resits.....that would not be good-. I'm really looking forward to being in Cambodia soon. I'm thankfull for all of those who have said they are praying for me and who have sent financial support. It's been a huge blessing and encouragment.