Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekend travel

Hey, just to let you all know, tomorrow morning bright and early I'm traveling to the distant land of Nebraska. Mark and I are going to Lincoln to visit his friends and Dana, his girlfriend of 3 years. That's going to be a good trip, I've heard many a story about this place so it will be good to go. Also, just in case any of you are avid MTV fans, the school we are going to be staying at UNL is the place where they shot the series Tommy Lee goes to College. I'm supposed to be back late sunday night, but travel may be a little crazy cause we're in for some winter storms this weekend.

Also, some of you know that our HNGR chapel is next week as part of this year's HNGR symposium. All the HNGR interns who got back this year have to put on a 45 minute chapel to try and present our 32 different experiences, with some sort of point to the whole thing. That's just kinda daunting, and let's not kid ourselves, it's impossible. So we've been working for the past few weeks on a good format for presenting at least some of our stories and some of the questions we're coming away with. One of the traditions of HNGR chapel is that we do a group dance, just to have fun (it's partly to do with people trying to be rebellious - at a conservative school like ours, dancing in chapel, used to not be so approved, not it's pretty normal) but it's also to show people some of the dance of the respective regions we were in. Anyway, this year we have two amazing HNGR girls put together a really cool dance for us. So we had our first practice last night. It's HOT. You should come if you can.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some recent happenings...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I want you all to hear the story behind this picture.

So myself and my friend Ryan (who did HNGR in Guatemala) were waiting for our other friend Matt (who did HNGR in Nicaragua) to get back from his parents' house in Wisconsin so that we could go to dinner at this Costa Rican Fast Food place called "Il Pollo Campero" for dinner.

Matt was up in Wisconsin picking up this "new to him" car because he had finally found a full-time job and needed the car for work.

After waiting a few minutes, I get a call on my mobile. It's Matt. Here's what he tells me, "I'm really sorry I'm late, I've had a few 'complications' on the trip back." He then told me he had got in a car wreck and was in the Emergency room of a hospital about half an hour away from Wheaton. I asked if he was okay and he said, fine, just a few cuts on his hand and head, a little shaken up too, but other than that he was fine, and needed us to come pick him up. I asked about his car, and he said it's pretty much totaled, because a mini-van literally landed on top of his car.

When we picked him up I was surprised to see him casually sitting in the waiting room with just a few plasters on his fingers and hands. He then showed us this picture and we realized just what a miracle this had been. He was in the driver's seat, the wheel of the other car would have been just inches from his head.

He told us that he was on his way back to Wheaton when traffic on the freeway was reduced to one lane because there was an accident ahead. It was really snowy and the roads were slick so it's no surprise there was an accident. He had moved into the one lane and was basically at a standstill when suddenly across the median, matt sees this mini-van hit the curb and become airborn. He said "I thought it was just like in the movies I could see the underside of this car coming towards me, and then I realized, I'm going to die!" After the car hit and he realized he was still okay, his first thought was "oh yeah, the car's still in drive, better put it in park." That's matt for you.

He's not really hurt at all except for the few cuts he got from the broken glass. I praise God so much, he really shouldn't have survived. He now though has to go through all the insurance stuff so that he can hopefully get another car for this great new job of his. (He's working full-time at world relief- where I work- with their New Americans Initiative, helping immigrants get full citizenship. Keep him in your prayers over the next few days as he has to deal with all the ramifications.