Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life goes on...

Well not to say that Dan Chen doesn't still rock my world, but I guess it's about time to put up a new post. I'm writing this from my Aunt and Uncle's house in Ventura, California. I had my surgery last Thursday and all things considered it went well. There's a long process of healing to go, but the pain is managable and i've been taking it easy. It's nice to not have too many responsibilities.

You may have noticed that the past month or two i've had a picture of a journalist at the side of my blog. This was Alan Johnston who has now been released by a terrorist group holding him in the Gaza strip. This is great news.

I'm now looking for a job, but it's hard to imagine anyone hiring me here in california as i'm only here for 7 weeks, but who knows i may strike it lucky.

Its interesting being back in America. My mother has come with me, although she leaves in a little over a week. She's been back and forth to Amercia several times over the past year, and she and I have been talking about how difficult it can be to concurrently live your life in 2 countries (3 in my case). It's strange feeling somewhat at home in 3 very different places on the earth. It forces you to develop 3 different personalities. Maybe that will help me relate to patients when i'm doing my psychiatry rotations, who knows. I do know that going through this surgery will definitely help me empathise with people going through what surgeons consider 'minor' surgery.

Anyway, i'm alive, all is well. I passed my first year exams which is a huge relief, but i've realised more being here just how little i know. My uncle teaches Anatomy and Physiology at a local highschool and he keeps asking me questions and casually quizing me, it's embarassing how little i know. So that's one of my plans for this summer, learn all of anatomy. Plan 2, watch as many episodes of House as possible (already finished series 1). Thanks for those of you who sent birthday cards and facebook posts. It means a lot.